Unlimited pricing flexibility...

Powered by Asanto.

Unlimited pricing flexibility...

Powered by Asanto.

What is Asanto?

A new generation of insurance product platform from theidol.com

Asanto provides insurers with full flexibility of pricing and underwriting, enabling you to truly manage every aspect of your insurance products - all through an intuitive, no code UI.

Through Asanto, we’ve developed a powerful rating engine combined with a full suite of tools specially designed for insurance providers to run their business.

Pricing and Underwriting Engine
(unlimited pricing flexibility)

Return quote prices for direct customer journeys and aggregators through our advanced calculation-based engine, removing the pricing limitations of existing systems.

Quote Journey
(online & offline)

Create a fully customisable and bespoke customer sales journey and instantly connect it with your API endpoint without writing a line of code. We can even deliver this for you, drawing on our 20 years’ experience.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Track and manage customers with an in-built CRM that includes an online customer sales journey, an offline sales system for call centres and the ability to make mid-term adjustments.

API Technology

Developed as an API-first platform, manage everything through a simple control panel that provides endless possibilities in integrating your existing systems and automated processes.

Audit Logging

Record and access every action taken by a user, providing you with full visibility of any changes made through the control panel and the API.

User Management

Full user management solution with two-factor authentication, allowing you to define read and write access per user.

Reporting & MI

Build bespoke, customisable reports to provide you with the data insight you need to run your business.

Scheme Testing

Built-in testing system allows you to run 1000's of test scenarios over pricing changes in minutes using either custom or historic quote data.

Unlimited pricing flexibility

React, launch, scale.

Asanto powers insurance providers to launch products at speed into market with unlimited scalability.

Asanto scheme builder

Make pricing changes in minutes, not weeks.

React in real-time to manage underwriting risk.

Slick, user-friendly management portal.

Powered by Asanto.

More than just pricing.

Asanto is more than just pricing. It’s the insurance product platform to help run your business at peak efficiency.

It’s an end-to-end platform fully under your control where you define the rules and calculations of schemes. All version controlled and managed with an intuitive no-code interface.

Most importantly, we’ve designed the platform with you in mind.

We know the cost of migrating systems presents a difficult decision for a business. With Asanto, we’re removing that pain for you. Seamlessly integrate your existing infrastructure and systems, benefiting from the extensive tool suite available at your fingertips.

Configure without coding

Create your own insurance rating engine without coding or development.

Asanto is a fully configurable insurance product platform designed to empower your pricing and underwriting teams. It’s an end-to-end platform where you can create and manage unlimited schemes across multiple brands - all with one simple control panel.

Create and customise online and offline customer journeys to your design. Configure underwriting questions and policy type to calculate and return prices for insurance products. Meet the adapting needs of your customers with new features and innovations.

Unlock data without restriction

Powering underwriters to access limitless data to price insurance products.

Asanto reports section

No hard limits on pricing or data.

Remove restrictions on pricing points.

Specify granular targeted risk.

Powered by Asanto.

Big data rules. Unlike other insurance product platforms, Asanto removes the restrictions on the types and amounts of data underwriters can use when pricing insurance products.

Wave goodbye to spreadsheet based rate tables, which expand exponentially with every new underwriting factor.

Using Asanto you can define the logic behind any insurance risk calculation in an instant. There are no hard limits on the amount or type of data that can be used meaning that pricing can be targeted to macro level.

Big data rules

Define the data which comes into the scheme.

Define the calculations made using that data.

Define the data sent back to the customer.

Manage every aspect.

User management

Access and control of your changes is an important feature of Asanto. That's why we’ve built a highly secure, access management solution into the control panel.

Asanto dashboard

Role-based access.

Two-factor authentication sign-in.

Full audit logging at user level.

Powered by Asanto.

Asanto records and saves every action of every user across the system. So, from an auditing and compliance perspective, you have access to log dates, time and username for each action, perfect for the highly-regulated world you operate in.

Built for scale...

Fully scalable technology

Quickly respond to customer demand with a platform built for the cloud.

Asanto is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing cloud-based, resilient, highly scalable technology. This provides you with fast and reliable service, built for scale and to cope for spikes in demand.

Through our parent company theidol.com, our expertise and experience in travel insurance has shown us the ways in which seasonality affects quote and sale volume. Similarly, news announcements on any given day can drive significant spikes in traffic.

Drawing from 20 years of experience, we know first-hand the value of being prepared to handle volume without fault and how to help you achieve this. It’s a key driver of why we’ve built Asanto.

20 years of experience

theidol.com is the award-winning, financial technology company behind Asanto with 20 years’ experience as insurance comparison specialists and bespoke product developers.

Our history in providing solutions both direct to customers and to market-leading partners in the insurance comparison sector since 1999 has driven us to constantly innovate and disrupt the market for the better.

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