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Benefits of Asanto

Launch new products, alter pricing, manage customers and enjoy incredible speed to market.

Unlimited pricing flexibility
Manage every aspect of your products

Unlimited pricing flexibility

Asanto provides you with full flexibility of pricing and underwriting. Manage every aspect of your products without the need for specialist development resource, and react to changing market conditions in minutes.

Designed to make unwieldy spreadsheets a thing of the past, Asanto gives you full control of your products within one simple control panel.

Unrivalled speed to market

Unrivalled speed to market

Launching new products, altering pricing and testing changes made simple. Removing the need for time consuming and costly development work, Asanto allows you to publish changes in minutes, not days.

Edge ahead of your competitors with a product platform that puts the control firmly in your hands. Alter products, add-ons, and prices in-flight without the need for specialist coding.

Easy migration

API-first by design

Benefit from seamless integration of business systems and processes such as Verisk with Asanto’s API-first design. Migrate existing infrastructure and products with ease, boosting connectivity of your teams and activities.

Create API endpoints on demand within Asanto’s easy to use platform. Develop and manage a bespoke system set-up through a simple control panel with ease, and without the need for code.

Reporting in Asanto
Unlock data without restriction

Unlock data without restriction

Produce custom reports at speed and promote data-driven decision making. Our self-serve platform gives you the freedom to boost your MI without the need for additional resource.

Easily generate bordereaux or commission reports from new and existing information, compare data sets with just a few clicks and integrate directly into current reporting software. With customisable, time-saving filters, your Asanto experience is completely bespoke.

Easily manage every aspect

Audit with ease

Obtain a full audit trail of actions and changes with Asanto’s in-built management functionality. Review time-stamped, user assigned changes providing complete system oversight, making fact-checking and regulatory auditing simple.

Safeguard your business, customers and employees with a detailed log of actions. Guarantee complete privacy and ensure your business remains compliant with regulatory standards.

Audit with ease

Prioritise security

Built for the cloud, Asanto has high-level security at its core. Create role-based access to limit who can view sensitive information, and utilise the in-built audit log to monitor activity.

Protect business and customer privacy and strengthen reliability to deliver first-class customer experiences. Safeguard personal information, strengthen brand reputation and meet regulatory requirements with ease.

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